Karl Klimek
Online Radio Host
"Your presentation was interesting, thought-provoking and challenged our attendees to consider very carefully how they engage their students. You’ve set the tone for the rest of the conference."

Crystal Maguire
Business Manager
Aviation Technician Education Council
As an educational consultant and strategic leader, I creatively empower educators of like minds in ways that refresh, enhance and re-define incredible teaching, learning and leadership practices. Having the opportunity to work and align with tremendous individuals and organizations around the country, I bring high enthusiasm and a positive-professional spirit to all of my work.  

Having taught in several states, I also served as a school principal and an assistant superintendent for curriculum and instruction. For 16 years, I served as the executive director of the Square One Education Network, a STEM related foundation based in Michigan, and was president of my own educational consulting company, 2 Perspectives: Learning Through Leadership.  Now, KLIMEK Consulting is my business moniker.

Most recently, I served as the Project Manager for Operation NEXT, an innovative, advanced manufacturing training program funded by the Department of Defense and operated by Lift Technologies in Detroit.

"Karl, I met you this past summer at the Ludington ARTS IN ENGINEERING .... Just wanted you to know that I truly appreciate your passion and that of your educational team! It's been a game changer for me in my social studies class as I blend engineering in with my PBL! Keep up the great work!"
--Phil Quinlan, Teacher

“Karl is one of the most dynamic people I know. I believe his drive is directly proportionate to the amount he cares about the future of education and the way it affects kids 
in today's world. 
You cannot go wrong by being associated with Karl.” 
-- John Miller, SAE International Program Engineer
Photo by Larry Hanelin

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