Karl Klimek

n Partnership with Dewitt Jones Productions

"When we celebrate what's right, we find the energy to fix what's wrong"
--Dewitt Jones

Attention to the health of school climate and culture conditions is an on-going and ever-present focus area for school leaders.  Celebratory Leadership provides a refreshing, positive and customizable set of tools and activities to aid professionals as they address these important elements that contribute to the success of their schools.

Celebratory Leadership combines cultural targets with leadership and K-12 school growth opportunities. This occurs through a consistent set of inspiring and motivational messages using Dewitt's powerful core mantra...

"Celebrate What's Right with the World."


This exciting new effort blends three valuable components of healthy climates/cultures in schools together. Taken from the book, "Generative Leadership, Shaping New Futures for Today's Schools," 10 Operational Indicators point school teams toward aspects of school culture that reflect environments where success is everywhere.  Leaders are provided with excellent growth focal points that enable all to examine and develop their skills through the 7 Hallmarks of Generative Leaders.

In 2017, a new Youth Leadership Development version of Celebratory Leadership was created.  It has been successfully delivered in the United States and in Madrid, Spain.

This is a collaborative effort between Karl Klimek and Dewitt Jones Productions.  

For more, go to: www.celebratoryleadership.com