Selected as the Mallinson Lifetime Achievement Award by the Michigan Science Teachers Association - 2017

 "On behalf of the Michigan Science Teachers Association, I would like to announce that you have been chosen as the MSTA Board of Directors’ choice for the George G. Mallinson Award. This award is the highest honor that MSTA can bestow for contributions to science education in general and to the Michigan Science Teachers Association in particular. We believe that you are indeed a worthy individual for this honor. Over the course of your career you have made extraordinary contributions to the advancement of science education through your work at the local, state, and national level."

Robby Cramer

MSTA Executive Director

March 2017


Speaking - Coaching - Teaching:

Offering keynotes and motivational presentations is always a great option.  I have worked with schools around the country providing professional development training, strategic planning development, program facilitation and new teacher orientation.  Coaching for individuals or groups is also a wonderful way for you to continually reflect on your skills and hone your abilities.

A few suggested titles:

  • "Neuroscience and Nuance: Incredible Teaching Practices"

  • "STEM Education through a Brain-Mind Lens" (Science Technology Engineering and Math)

  • "Generative Leadership: Creative and Innovative Practitioners"

  • "Basics of Brain-based Teaching and Learning"

  • "STEM Education:  The Braun, the Brains and the Bananas!"

Potential focal points:

  • Celebratory Leadership!
  • Examining your organization’s strengths and planning direction toward becoming even better!
  • Teacher, administrator and parent coaching and the latest educational research about instruction and school culture.
  • Generative School Leadership (see Resources).
  • Brain/Mind Learning Research (see Resources).
  • Integrated curriculum design coaching.
  • Probationary/New teacher professional training sessions.
  • Keynote and motivational speeches to assist in rallying your team to greater heights!
  • Personal/profesisonal coaching sessions

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