We are shaped by our experiences.

Karl Klimek


Generative Leadership: Shaping New Futures for Today's Schools
Karl Klimek
Elsie Ritzenhein
Kathryn D. Sullivan

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"What a contribution! This book should be required reading for all aspiring school leaders." (Roberta E. Glaser, Retired Assistant Superintendent )

"This book helps us see the positives that can be rescued from our attempts to over-emphasize using data and measurement solely for accountability at the expense using it to create the nurturing instructional environment that is necessary for creative human growth. I came away from the book with a new understanding of what I am seeing in the world of education today." (Jane Belmore, Educational Leadership Doctoral Faculty )

"Provides a dynamic and powerful model for organizational change founded on practical, realistic principles. The generative approach enables leaders to meet the contemporary needs and complex challenges that schools face by calling on the talent, energy, and creativity of all individuals in an organization." (DiAnne Pellerin, Superintendent )

3rd Edition!  2015
12 Brain/Mind Learning Principles in Action: Developing Executive Functions of the Human Brain

Renate Nummela Caine
Geoffrey Caine
Carol McClintic
Karl J. Klimek

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“An excellent resource for teachers striving to improve student achievement by focusing on how the brain learns. I will be able to reach more students and enable them to have deeper understandings than they would have had I not read this book. The information is timely and relevant, and the need for this information will not lessen as time goes by.” (Marcia Carlson, Sixth-Grade Teacher )

"Brings back the importance of teachers and what they do every day. It was empowering to receive validation for the way I ran my classroom. This book is full of scenarios, significant points, questions to ask yourself, steps to take, and bridges to the practical." (Pattie Thomas, School Improvement Specialist )
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