Karl Klimek

Lead Strategist
Training now open for summer, 2020!

the Arts in Engineering

Imagine an authentic engineering framework applicable in any elementary or middle school classroom so that teaching to the engineering requirements in the new Next Generation Science Standards is engaging and relevant. Incorporating the NGSS and the Common Core brings a fresh, cutting-edge experience to teachers receiving professional development or kids generating solutions to problems that are related to their school and/or community.

Intentionally designing the Arts in Engineering experiences with creativity and the arts as a dominant ingredient, we shape a learning environment that invites enthusiasm and empowerment for the participants-learners involved.

We believe that effective problem solvers tap their natural, creative capacities on a regular basis.  They know that ideas that reach beyond the norm are welcome and encouraged. They also understand that weaving those great ideas through a design process is what helps them manage the ideas and guides them toward potential solutions. 

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